An Easy Rider in Fira

PostHarley2015 An Easy Rider in Fira

Deep in the HR offices of Fira and behind contracts and pay slips hides a Harley Davidson, his rider Ramon Aceytuno and his passion for these motorcycles and the lifestyle devoted by those who hang their white-collar shirt every Friday to put on a leather vest and roll their bikes like him.

Being a biker and riding a Harley for me is like unwinding from the routine of everyday life, and rolling on these machines is extremely rewarding” says Aceytuno who currently drives a black 2010 Dyna Street Bob but whose first Harley was a Sportster 883 XL bought in 1993, “which I still have” points out.

His passion comes from very far: “I have a memory of childhood in which a family member took me to the movies to see the Easy Rider, and the aesthetics of these bikes struck me deeply.” As deep as it did to the thousands of fans who gather at local, state or international periodic concentrations. “In this world there are meetings and meetings throughout the year, some massive and other exclusive to certain motorclubs, members and fans where you always end up meeting people that share your tastes and preferences -states Aceytuno- and it is in fact thanks to this world that I met my partner “. So Cupid also rolls a Harley.

Ramon will surely be one of the hundreds of thousands who will visit Fira de Barcelona t and the city his weekend to concentrate at the Barcelona Harley Days which fill the Montjuïc venue with leather vests, rock & roll and of course motorcycles every July.

“Kidnap” at Fira de Barcelona

PostSecuestro2 “Kidnap” at Fira de BarcelonaSuspense… a great deal of suspense is looming over Fira de Barcelona these days. Having become a railway station for the crazy adventures of Anacleto: Agente Secreto and an airport where some of the most bizarre situations took place in Ahora o Nunca, the time has now come for the thriller genre and Secuestro.

The film, directed by Mar Targarona (Muere mi Vida or Abuela de Verano) and produced by Rodar y Rodar Cine (El Orfanato and Los ojos de Julia), stars Blanca Portillo along with Antonio Dechent, Vicente Romero, José Coronado, Marc Domènech and Macarena Gómez, amongst others.

In the film, Portillo plays the part of Patricia, a prestigious lawyer and desperate mother who decides to take justice into her own hands to punish the presumed kidnapper of her son.

Some of the Gran Via venue’s meeting rooms and parking areas were used to recreate the protagonist’s office, the office car park and other scenes where the new film’s action takes place. However, we’ll have to wait until its release next year to find out who is the baddie!

The father of Sónar

SónarSynth The father of Sónar

Little did Elisha Gray imagine while inventing the musical telegraph back in 1876 that his invention would eventually result in the synthesizer which in turn would become the central element, but not he only one, of a new musical genre in its own right: electronic music.

In its 2015 edition, the Sónar –the leading international electronic music event–pays tribute to this historic instrument through a small sample of some of the synths that have marked different moment in the history of this music such as the Rolands or the OSCar (Oxford Synthesiser Company) together with some of today’s most revolutionary models as the ones manufactured by Novation.

All have been basic working tools for artists like George Clinton (one of the fathers of the Funk) or current Bonobo, JETS and Jupiter Lion, who have been part of the posters Sonar in 2014 and 2015.

As a last curiosity, science fiction lovers also have experienced two models WASP, no physical keyboard synthesizer in the late 70s with the sound effects of the Doctor Who series were created.

Denim flies to Orion

PostDenim Denim flies to Orion

There’s nothing better than an adventure to Orion to identify with the most rebellious and adventurous denim spirit, or at least that’s what we’re told by the experts from Denim Première Vision, the show dedicated to jeanswear that will be revealing the ‘Denim Constellation’ trends at the event. Rusty colours, rustic/worn-out styles, ripped jeans, stonewashing and mottling effects in earth tones evoke the spirit of the adventurer, returning to the simplicity of basic (tough) values to start again in another dimension, with a roomy, comfortable cut and super-elastic fabric that allows a full range of movement in 360 degrees.

Our interstellar journey continues as far as the ‘Dark Eclipse’: every nuance of black and smoky-toned finishes imbue this most fashionable of garments, tinting it in shades of grey with flashes of silver and metal. And for a spacewalk what could be better than the ‘Zero Gravity’ style, featuring blends of quilted fabrics, denim with synthetic leather and cotton jersey, giving shape to garments that are ideal for zero gravity, provided they obey the three essential commandments: comfort, volume and ‘tweedy’ textures.

Though there are some exceptions: rigid, stretch-free denim is also back, aimed – according to the experts – at the most purist denim fans, who may just be hippies nostalgic for the 60s, 70s and 80s with a preference for solid ground over space travel to relaunch their message of Peace & Love, enveloped, naturally enough, in skin-tight, high-waist, bell-bottom jeans.

 Download the Autumn/Winter 2016/17 trends here

Create your own home

Wikihouse Create your own homeWe started off by printing documents, then moved on to photos, and now, though it seems unbelievable, we can even print our own homes.

At least, this is the idea of Wikihouse an innovative digital manufacturing formula that will allow anyone to create their own home using the free software concept. The process is a simple one: You download the basic plans from the internet, free of charge; you personalize them according to your needs using a software program ( and you print each of the pieces on a 3D printer which, being the most expensive part of the process, you can find at the nearest ‘fab lab. You can then assemble the pieces manually until you have your own tailor-made house.

At the recent edition of Beyond Building Barcelona-Construmat, this idea from the realms of science fiction actually materialized in the shape of a 40 sq. m house built with panels of recycled wood. This is just one of the examples of the move that is being made toward
s more innovative, ground-breaking and imaginative formulas for the new construction sector of the future.

Driving a dream

BlogFerrari Driving a dream

At the wheel of a Ferrari 430 Spider, the adrenaline rush is certain. The roar of the 490 HP engine in action and a Formula 1-like gearshift . And although it is able to go from 0-100 km/h in less than five seconds the sense of security in their inside it is amazing.

These days at the Barcelona International Motor Show, motor enthusiasts can not only watch car premieres live but live the unique experience of driving legendary luxury car brands like Ferrari or Lamborghini: 7 kilometers through the urban circuit of Montjuic, 15 minutes flying on asphalt, driving emotions … fulfilling a dream.

Design and personality


Having Walter de Silva, Head of Design of the Volkswagen Group at the Barcelona International Motor Show 2015 to collect a reward for his successful career, we at firablog seized the opportunity to learn from this living legend of car design how to sketch the first draft of a new car, what is car design, but above all what gives a car its personality.

Through a blogger’s eyes

In the digital age bloggers specialising in fashion are the new official reporters of the latest trends. With millions of followers on the five continents they set the pace of fashion, acting as influencers with a power that is directly proportional to the number of followers.

In this context, with over 4 million followers on Pinterest, Jen Campbell who write Green Wedding Shoes is one of the most influential wedding fashion bloggers in the world. Add Allyson Streelman of Inspired by this Julia Kathryn Braime of Brides up north, Lindsay Moynagh of Fly away Bride, Elizabeth Sarah Morden of Bridal Musings and Yolande De Vries of So you’re getting married, and you have the top bloggers club who came to Barcelona Bridal Week, not only to see the fashion shows, backstage and parties, but also to get to know Barcelona. The six have become our ambassadors on the Net and through their eyes millions of followers have glimpsed the ‘amazing’ BBW, as they put it, which takes place in Barcelona, a ‘vibrant’ city and one of the world’s most fashionable honeymoon destinations’.

In this video, shot at Fira and in the city’s streets and palaces, Jen and her colleagues tell us about their experiences and, above all, give their impressions of the bridal fashion Made in Spain to be found in Barcelona which has apparently stolen their hearts.

The bridal gown, the story of a dream

Victoria Marriagep3 The bridal gown, the story of a dream

A look back across the centuries confirms that in ancient times the bridal gown not only symbolized virtues and desires but also represented the social and economic status and family prestige of the future wife.

Bridal gowns in ancient Rome consisted of a white tunic, given by the bride’s parents, tied in a knot known as the ‘Nodus Herculeus’ which only the groom was allowed to untie. A wreath of lilies, ears of wheat, rosemary and myrtle, the symbols of purity, fertility, virility and a long life, crowned the bride’s head, which was adorned with six braids in honour of the six vestal virgins and also supported the saffron-yellow veil (velarium flammeum) which symbolized the fire of Vesta, the goddess of hearth and household.

From the 10th-11th centuries, the Catholic Church imbued the wedding ceremony with a more spiritual nature, turning it into a religious rite. Dresses from this period did not follow any particular rules: the bride wore the most sumptuous and elegant gown that her family could afford. It was almost always in warm, vivid tones because it would end up becoming the most important item in the young bride’s wardrobe, which she would continue to wear at other big events during her life.

The first white wedding dresses appeared in the 15th century. The first was worn by Princess Philippa of England, the youngest daughter of Henry IV who, on her wedding to Erik of Pomerania, King of Denmark, Sweden and Norway in 1406, wore a tunic and mantle of white silk edged in ermine. The thread of white wedding dresses was then lost until the nuptials of Anne of Brittany, who wore a magnificent white gown for her wedding to Louis XII of France in 1491. Much later, Queen Victoria of Great Britain wore a white dress for her wedding to Prince Albert in 1840, decorated with orange blossom and diamonds and with an exceptionally long and elaborate train, which from the 16th century was an essential element of the gown as unmistakable proof of wealth and social prestige.

Today, the bride’s outfit is still a key element of the ceremony and in spite of the economic crisis the budget set aside for the dress has remained stable, as there is no way that any young bride is going to give up her moment in the spotlight when she says “I do.” The latest trends in wedding dresses for brides of the 21st century can be seen next week at Barcelona Bridal Week.

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